Our Roots

Est. 2006
The "Mother of Mermaids," Camille in her element



Pedro Point Sirens has been a coastside staple since 2006 providing customers with unique and sought after beach cultured housewares and gifts. 

It all began when two sisters, Shona & Camille, had an idea to bring a softer side to the rugged, male dominated surf culture in which they were born.  They wanted everyone to have a chance to experience the beauty that grew within this lifestyle and thought it would be a much needed addition to their coastal community.  As a result, Sirens was born.  Throughout the years the shop has grown and developed into a local favorite and continues to grow and change like the ebb and flow of the seas. 

Enter Grace, a local friend and "seastar" to the sisters, who came in as a partner in 2011.  Grace brought her own keen eye and love of the ocean and helped develop another side of Sirens while holding strong to the original dream within its roots.  She has been the sole owner since 2015.  

Sirens offers beach house style decor, sea inspired jewelry, local artwork, eco-friendly toys for children and healthy body care.  Much of what we sell is locally made and one-of-a-kind.  Just like the ocean and its tides, Sirens products are constantly changing and evolving so you never know what you will find on any given day. 
                          Sirens has something for everyone under the sun. 
We cherish the time playing in the waves, collecting shells in our pockets and sand between our toes. The joy of having sun kissed skin and salty hair comes with memories we want to relish in far beyond trips to the beach.  Our hand selected collection of products helps to remind us of these sweet moments in time when our hearts are content and our minds are carefree.  
                         Check us out on your next trip down Highway 1